Website Development



“If your website not on the internet, then your website will be out of the business.”
World Wide Web has changed our lives and our perception. Today we rely more on the virtual world than the real one. From information retrieval to chatting and from banking to shopping, we first look up to the internet. It is the websites we browse for information, send e-mails, do shopping, and make transactions. Website development is an easy task but it requires a certain amount of skills and creativity. It requires a perception and you can find it at Digital Web Experts. We are renowned for our transparent and high quality services.

We have all the skills you need to make a website that is both stylish and functional. We are experts in PHP, Magneto, WordPress and other related languages and tools.

Website development or web development is the creation of websites for internet or intranet which can either be static or dynamic. Website development includes creation of web pages, web portals, web applications and other complex softwares. A website is developed in a phased manner. There are various parts of a website which must be developed one by one and then integrated to form a website. Some of the famous web development languages are PHP, HTML CSS, Javascript, C++, C#, Ruby etc. To develop a website you can either do it from scratch or use an open source framework like WordPress, OpenCart, Shopify etc.

Web development requires a programmer to perform a number of tasks like web designing, web content development, CMS (Content Management System), client or server side scripting, network security configuration, web server hosting and payment gateway integration.

Website architecture

At Digital Web Experts, we provide dedicated solutions to our clients. We develop a variety of websites ranging from e-commerce to freemium and affiliate websites. Our other projects include development of dating websites, content specific websites, government portals, gaming websites, corporate websites, personal blogs, social media websites etc. We design interactive websites that are dynamic and user-friendly. Architecture of a typical website consists of three tiers, viz. server side frameworks, client side and an interactive module between web server, server-side frameworks and database.

The client side of a website is developed using HTML, Javascript and CSS while the server-side framework is developed using languages like PHP, Java, ASP.Net etc. Our developers use latest cutting edge technology to create websites that will serve all your purposes. We develop responsive websites that will adjust itself as per screen size, device and platform. Come to us and you’ll be content with our services.

Development process

Website can be developed using two methods. It can be created using Agile method which follows standard procedures of development. It uses a pre-designed platform and plugins to customize and develop a website. A classic example is of WordPress which is the most used website development platform. Another method is to hire a group of software programmers to create a website or application from scratch like, a banking website or software. Infosys, TCS etc. hire software engineers to write codes and program websites.

Website development requires knowledge and skills which all our developers at Design Web Experts possess. Hire us and get an interactive website designed from us.