Responsive Website Designing



“Responsive Web Design always plays important role whenever going to promote your website..”
Today everyone owns a smart-hand-held device like mobiles, smartphones, tablets, phablets, PDAs etc. They can perform almost every general task of a computer like watching videos, chatting, using internet, applications etc. Hand-held devices are like pocket computers and are of a much more use. A typical user uses more than one device to connect to internet. He owns a laptop, desktop, smartphone, tablet etc. all of which are devices of different size and also run on different platforms. To prevent the problems of navigation, content visibility, etc. and make accessibility smooth a responsive website must be built.

Responsive website

A responsive website is one that is accessible irrespective of the device or platform it is accessed on. It remains functional and runs smoothly without any glitches or errors. A website is designed it such a manner that its accessibility is not compromised if the device changes. In a responsive website its web pages change their size as per the screen size of a device. The websites use flexible images, fluid grids and CSS3 media queries. At Digital Web Experts we create high quality interactive websites that are responsive. The websites we design are flexible and can easily adapt to the screen size without compromising its functionality.

Responsive websites are one which do not get affected by the browser or platform it is run on. For instance, will run in the very same way on iOS by Apple as it runs on a computer running on Windows. A responsive website is not created for one type of device. It uses universal codes that are not device-specific. This allow it to be accessed on every platform and device. The fluid grid allows the elements of a web-page adjust itself according to the dimensions of a screen, that is, based on pixels, points etc. The flexibility in images also does the same thing. The picture automatically changes its size in proportion to the screen size to allow a better view.

Why need a responsive website?

A responsive website saves time and cost as it is not device-specific. The programming is adaptive which makes it accessible on all devices. Whenever a responsive website is accessed through a mobile phone it automatically zooms out. It does it so you can see the whole website. Then again, you can always zoom in to view a particular option. A responsive website is user friendly and interactive. This makes it easy to browse.

At Design Web Experts we understand the importance of responsive websites and will give a well designed and interactive website that can run flawlessly on device of every size. It will remain equally functional without losing its adaptive features. It will navigate without getting stuck, re-arrange the layout, and contents like text, images, graphics etc. on the webpage as per the size of screen without any over crowding. Its features will remain the same, like hyperlinks, response time, design, use etc. Our team of experts will build a website that will serve your purpose.