Google Analytics



If the metrics you are looking at aren’t useful in optimizing your strategy – stop looking at them.
Like Matrix, we all are constantly connected to the Internet. The virtual world is now a second home for us where we spend most of our time. Internet has provided a lot of opportunities. From business to communication, information retrieval to shopping, everything is possible using internet. With increased internet use, advertisement of websites have also become prominent. Today, digital marketing has emerged as a powerful tool to advertise ones products and services. At Digital Web Experts, we provide all types of digital marketing services. We can provide high-quality solutions for all your marketing needs.

Google is a renowned brand that is trusted by every internet user. Today internet is full of products and services by Google. One of them is Google Analytics.

Whats Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a free service offered by the IT giant that provides us a detailed analysis on the traffic we receive on our websites, blogs and webpages. It is a web analytics service that was started by Google around 10 years back. With digital marketing playing an important role in advertisements, Google Analytics allows web owners, advertisers and publishers to determine the value of an advertisement spot. Google Analytics is available in two editions. The enterprise edition, that is, Google Analytics Premium and Google Analytics for Mobile Apps which is for mobile applications.


Google Analytics monitors the traffic on your website and gathers information. It provides a detailed report on the traffic received along with trends, info graphics, comparisons and other analyses. It gathers the data usage and provides an insight on the performance of a webpage. You can get all the data related to your website’s performance on a single click of a button. It is easy to use and provides both casual and in-depth details like, geographical location of user, time for which a person visited the website, customer segmentation, user preference, demographics etc.

Google Analytics has a user friendly interface that allows users to view everything on their dashboards. It helps identify premium as well as non-performing pages. Using this tool publishers or website owners can make improvements so as to get listed on the first page of search engines. Google Analytics is integrated with Google AdWords and that allows users to analyze lead generation, page quality, conversions etc.

The web analytics tool is also beneficial for e-commerce websites. Entrepreneurs can know exactly how many leads their portal is generating, number of visits that get converted into sales, revenue earned, transactions made, etc. It is the one tool that provides all the statistics about your website’s performance. Google Analytics allows website owners to increase the traffic by suggesting tips like putting tags, adding keywords, using search engine optimization at a micro level etc.

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