Google AdWords


Google AdWords

Today, internet is an integral part of our lives. We can now communicate with any person across the world in seconds and that too without paying a hefty amount. Whether its transfer of funds or buying products, internet is the first platform we think of. As a result, digital marketing has evolved into an effective form of advertisement. It is a new form of marketing which has become an instant hit because of high use of internet and related technologies. It refers to the advertisement of products and services on the internet using various platforms. At Digital Web Expert, we provide all the services related to digital marketing. From designing to booking an ad space on a blog, we do everything.

Many of you would have wondered why you see advertisements of the same or related items which you have recently browsed on various other websites and blogs. And this ain’t a co-incidence. This is the magic of Google, the pioneer in the field of Information Technology. Google is a market leader, a trend setter. It has its roots in everything related to internet, even digital or online marketing. Through Google AdWords it performs this magic.

Google AdWords is a marketing service provided by the renowned company. Using it, Google regulates the advertisements as per the searches made by users and web-pages accessed by them. It uses keywords or cookies to show you advertisements of products or sites you have recently browsed. For instance, if you have recently browsed an e-commerce site, then its advertisement will be visible in quite a few blogs, websites, web pages etc. that have ad spots. The advertisers have to compete to get their advertising copy displayed by Google AdWords on a particular spot.

How does it work?

Google partners with publishers, that is, websites, blogs and with advertisers. It rents the space on the web pages and displays advertisements based on the recent browsing of an individual user. The advertisers and publishers get a percentage of earnings when a user clicks on the advertising copy or banner for more information. Google AdWords offers various models, like pay per click, cost per acquisition, cost per mile, cost per click, re-marketing etc. To partner with Google all you have to do is get in touch with us and we’ll get you registered.

At Digital Web Expert, we ensure that our clients achieve desired results and are completely satisfied with our services. If you want to increase your business and advertise your product on the global market, then Google AdWords is the best way.