Today, I am going to take you to the Facebook Latest updates that have been implemented or are in process of implementation.

So, below are the topics on which I am going to tell about:-

  • New call to action button for FB Pages
  • Facebook Page Engagement Custom Audiences: Target Those Who Interacts
  • Manage Interactions across Facebook, Instagram and Messenger
  • Way to track Offline conversion

New call to action button for FB Pages

Facebook’s latest announcement is regarding introducing new CTA (Call To Action) buttons for their posts and pages.

Call to action button on FB

Till yet, users were taken out of the Facebook milieu and were likely to throw out the sales using CTA (call to action) button, which means if someone wanted to drive sales with your call-to-action button, you probably connected it to an external link going to your website. But now Facebook has integrated with Third Party Services to allow businesses to offer a seamless experience for buying a meal, purchasing tickets or booking an appointment. Below are the third partner integrated CTAs :

  • Start Order – Accept orders with or Slice.
  • Book Now – Book appointments with HomeAdvisor, MyTime, Microsoft Bookings, Front Desk, Porch, and other services.
  • Buy Tickets – Sell tickets with Eventbrite or Ticketmaster.
  • Get Showtimes – Provide show schedules and sell tickets with Fandango.

And, below are the new CTA buttons to drive appointments and conversations through Messenger non-partner CTA options :

  • Get Quote
  • Request Time

Facebook Page Engagement Custom Audiences: Target Those Who Interacts

  • Till now, we were having an option of creating the custom audience by uploading their contact details like E-mail or Phone number but now facebook has introduced Engagement Custom Audience which means creating your audience who have interacted with your business page:-
  • Everyone who engaged with your Page
  • Anyone who visited your Page
  • People who engaged with any post or ad
  • People who clicked any call-to-action button
  • People who sent a message to your Page
  • People who saved your Page or any post
Facebook Page Engagement Custom Audiences

In simple words, creating an audience who have shown interest in your content or who engaged with your content like the Facebook page, videos, lead ad forms and Facebook Canvas in last 365 days.

Manage Interactions across Facebook, Instagram and Messenger

Most of the businesses spend their precious time to manage their online presences so here is an easier way to manage interactions with customers across channel like Facebook, Instagram & Messenger in a single place at any time and in any location. It is becoming hard for businesses to keep up the communications and requests for their digital channels.

Save time with the updated inbox and respond to the people in a single window, especially for the people who all are actively managing their business communications across social media channels Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram.

Manage Interactions across Facebook

Way to track Offline conversion

When you run Facebook ads, you can always track that how many people who did a transaction after clicking your ad. This can be done with the help of the Facebook pixel. But suppose, someone has seen your ad online but after seeing your ad that user makes a transaction offline then, how will you track it?

  • You can follow the below steps to track offline conversions:
  • Go to Offline Events within your Business Manager.
Way to track Offline conversion
  • Create an Offline Event Set and click the green button. After that, you can click “Accept.” Button if you are cool with the agreement.
  • Then, create an Offline Event Set by giving a name and add a description to it. And, here you go!
Getting Started with Offline events
  • Further, you can “Upload Offline Events” because your Offline Event Set is empty right now and you need to provide Facebook with a file that consists of your offline sales.
Offline Event Set Created

7 Fiery Chrome Apps and Extensions for You in 2017

    7 Fiery Chrome Apps and Extensions


We cannot deny to the fact that social media has created a huge impact on our lives. Every month, new social media platforms are launched.
As simple as it may appear, managing such vast number of social media platforms is not that easy. Every platform has its own unique functionality and purposes. Each one requires its sets of strategies and management methods to reach targeted audience.
So, being on social media is just a baby step but targeting right audience may be little Tricky.
Whenever someone comes around with HOT MARKETING TOOLS topic, we all have a great deal to share. The internet market is over flooded with tools, softwares and extensions for all marketing kinds.

The Hot 7 Social Media Tools  

If online marketing sounds tough, then there are the 15 FIERY CHROME APPS and TOOLS, you should keep in your arsenal if you want to become master of Social Media.

1. Tailwind

This tool is helpful in your Pinterest Marketing Efforts.

It is the official marketing partner of pinterest helping marketers with Bulk Uploads, Calendars scheduling and Multi- Board pin creation..

Tailwind App

It have an exclusive feature that it help you to find the Best Time To Send Your Pins for getting best responses from your target audience.

schedule-post -to-Instagram
Schedule post to Instagram in 3 Steps

Check Tailwind

2.  Canva

When people hear something, they can retain only 10% of that information after some days. However, if you attach a relevant yet attractive image alongwith the information, the retention rate hikes to 60%.

This is the reason behind why Digital marketers have started giving preferences to the use of visual content on their blogs.


CANVA – Awesome tool for creating images


Canva is an awesome tool for creating good and attractive images.

You do not need to have a Graphics Designer’s skills. With Canva, you will be capable of creating some great visual content for your blogs and social media websites. They offer a variety of high quality and attractive templates.

This tool is so good that it can turn a newbie visual into a professional with minimal efforts and time.


Canva Dashboard


Check Canva

3.  Everypost

The most clean dashboard of Everypost will help you in simplifying your business flow and will work as a booster for your social media marketing.

Once you log in to Everypost, you can add accounts and choose which updates to post. You can connect your Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Tumblr accounts.





The interface is so cool. On the right, you have an amazing feature on the right hand side that lets you pull attractive visuals from many different sources such as Instagram, Flickr, YouTube or Pinterest to create your own artwork for sharing on social media platform to your audience.



Everypost Dashboard


Everypost gives you option for Posting Right Now or Schedule for Later.


Everypost Mobile App


Check Everypost

4. Buffer

Buffer is a most efficient tool which facilitates you with Super Easy Navigation, Simplest Dashboard, Fast Pace. Once you create your account on Buffer, you can choose the social networks you want to work upon with Buffer.

Connect to Social Media: On the left hand side, you can add or remove multiple Social Media accounts and connect your Pages, Profiles and Groups within a single second.


buffer dashboard
Buffer Dashboard


Content:  Once you are done with adding pages, profiles and groups, you can use the Content tab to create amazing and unique content to share with your audience.



Content Tab in Buffer


Analytics : Get accurate and rich reports about your Social Media Marketing Campaigns on Analytics Tab. Use these analytics reports to improve your Social Media Marketing Strategies.

Schedule : You can create Custom Posting Schedule with Scheduling Tab. If you want Buffer to automatically post for you, just tell Buffer and choose the frequency of daily posting. Buffer offers the option of automatic posting as well as also determines the Best Timings to Post for your brand based upon the engagement of your audience.

Link Shortening : Buffer also gives you Link shortening Feature in the settings tab.


Link Shortening Tab in Buffer


The best of Buffer is you can add the Browser Extension or download the Mobile App as well, so you can share the content, you discover online in single go.

Although Buffer has availed limited features for Free. But if you will give a try to its free version, you will absolutely love it.

Check Buffer

5.  Hootsuite

Hootsuite is one of the best known Social Media Management Tools, used by millions of social media marketers around the world to market their business in most simplest and efficient way.

Once you sign up for Hootsuite and chose a plan, you will be authorized to use variety of facilities.

To start on Hootsuite, you need to Add Your Social Media Channels(Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Google+). Once you are done with setting them all up, your dashboard displays them all lined up in top left corner.

From there you can easily choose the channel you want to post to or you can choose to Send same Content to All Channels.




When you decide to create a post and select your channels, to which you want to share that content, you can get all details regarding the character limit of each of the platform. It helps you to give the highest possible audience reach at minimal efforts and cost. You can shorten links, Create Posts, Schedule Posts and Attach Photos and Videos, all within the same tiny dash board.


Hootsuite Dashboard


Check Hootsuite 

6.  Nuvi

Nuvi is an amazing tool for spying into your audience heads.

It works beyond the post which is kept public and allows you to get an insight into all the private posts of your audience. With Nuvi, you can find out everything going on behind the scenes.

This information will help you for making market strategies and best Customer Relations.

Let us show you how Nuvi is organized.

Monitor : Monitoring is trickiest piece of job. With Nuvi you can Track any Keyword, Phrase, hashtag, URL. You can discover posts across top channels including Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Instagram through aggregate topic data.


Nuvi Dashboard


Publish :  With this tab, you can schedule a post to hit on your social media channels. Publish and Schedule content across Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn from one platform.


Nuvi Monitor


Check Nuvi

7.  Crowd Booster

The actual purpose of running a social media marketing campaign is to engage with our target audience and convert them into Clients.

If your marketing efforts are not reflected on your company ROI, then you need to have a deep look at your audience, their interest and behaviors on all the social media channels of your company.

Crowd Booster is helpful to give a clean and rich analytics report on your social media marketing campaigns and activities. It even can return you reports, by breaking it into, according to different social media platforms.

Crowd booster is helpful in understanding the likes, dislikes and interests of your audience with clear demographic and analytics reports.




It helps you by various tools available in it : 

  1. It helps in saving your precious time, spent on reporting.
  2. You can Export Graphs and Tables to CSV.
  3. Scheduled unlimited tweets posts at optimal times when your most of the audience is online.
  4. Finding your most engaged fans and followers.


Check Crowd Booster


Social Media can become a huge distraction, if you are manually logging into it and sending your business updates to your social media networks, this will end up into wasting a lot a time.

These tools are paid but are worth to spend some dollars to improve your business ROI potentially.

Start your campaigns incorporated with these tools as your army and work on social media marketing.