E-Commerce Marketing



“You can’t wait for customers to come to you. You have to figure out where they are, go there and drag them back to your store.”
In India, the e-commerce market is worth more than $15 billion and is constantly growing. Experts predict it to become as big as $100 billion by 2020. India has the second largest internet user base which makes it a potential e-commerce market. Over the last 5-6 years many companies have entered the market and have done really well. E-commerce has increased and so has all the related products. E-commerce marketing refers to the process of persuading e-shoppers to visit an e-commerce site and make purchases.

In this method various tools are used to guide a user. At Digital Web Experts we provide excellent and effective e-commerce marketing services. Our professional services will increase the traffic on your portal thereby increasing the revenue generation.

E-commerce marketing practices involve use of affiliate marketing wherein referrals are used. In affiliate marketing companies or e-commerce giants use complimentary products to market their product. For instance, Kobo Books partners with Flipkart for e-books. It also uses search engine optimization techniques to improve its rating on search engines. Another practice adopted is e-mail marketing wherein newsletters, advertisements or banners are sent to existing customers to retain them. Some of the e-commerce marketing techniques are:


Product Listing Ads

Product Listing Ads or PLAs as they are commonly called are advertisements that are displayed on spaces taken up by Google AdWords . The advertisement spots are purchased through Google AdWords and are cost-per-click ads. The advertisements generally appear on the top of Google search results. The Product Listing Ads consist of a product image and keywords that are frequently searched for the product. The technique is used by online merchants and business houses to gain recognition.PLAs are an effective way of marketing as they provide visibility to companies that have a variety of products to sell.

You can either display apparels, lifestyle products, books, stationery items, information about services etc. PLAs are slightly expensive as you need to bid for advertisement spots and lease it from Google AdWords. The cost per click depends upon the quality of the site and the traffic it receives.

Display Ads

Display advertisements are one of the best ways of advertisements and it is highly recommended for e-commerce businesses. Display ads with attractive designs and photographs provide a professional look. They are like PLAs but do not work on pay per click option and do not need to be leased from Google AdWords. Display ads are posted by publishers.


A well descriptive video that is full of details and information about a product is an effective way of marketing. This type of marketing is specially used by authors, writers etc. to boost their sales. E-commerce companies can also form videos to market their products and become visible on Google. You can create videos and post them on Youtube. You can even ask users to subscribe to your channel.

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